The Nibble Nook

Branding & Identity

The Nibble Nook is a Kansas City local baking school for kids and adults. Before starting his business, Chef John asked me to create his branding and identity through Light Up the Dark. I needed to create a brand that would be flexible and work with different age groups as well as classes and product.


The logo needed to be very flexible. It would have to be used for stamping, embroidery, cookie cutters, and various packaging. Because of this, I designed a logo with elements that could be used independently based on the application.


Sentinel Semibold and Gotham Regular were chosen as the primary and secondary typefaces. Sharing a similar skeleton, these two fonts provide a tasteful array of options fitting for any targeted age group.

Brand Execution

To help separate products and classes for different age groups, I established black and white as the primary color palette. The secondary color palette included a specific bright color for respective age groups and products.