Kansas City Zoo: Brand

Brand & Identity

The Kansas City Zoo has long been one of the most popular destinations for tourism in KC, and in 2008 was voted one of America’s best zoos. Through Light Up the Dark, I had the opportunity to lead and personally design the new Zoo logo and brand guidelines. The Zoo needed a new logo and a brand that could unite their website, print advertisement, apparel, and more.


I decided to create and start the evolution of the Zoo’s old logo rather than design a totally different logo. This was because of the historical significance as well as the fact that we wanted to maintain awareness of the cost of integration into the current park assets.

Brand Guidelines

In the case of the logo, I re-created it from scratch, fixing all the inherent issues. The brand, however, was non-existent, so each element would need to be designed and created new. In order to maintain the brand integrity, it was essential to develop the brand guidelines. The Zoo has a very large staff with multiple departments working on graphic elements, as well as contracted designers. The guidelines book is very extensive and covers everything from color palette to preferred grammar styles.


In the end, the new brand and logo identity were a success. The new designs were well received by everyone from the zoo board of directors, and the brand guidelines have been used to create more successful advertising campaigns. Along with the brand, the new website and user interface have seen a drastic improvement in usability and higher conversion rates than ever before.