Eddie James Ministries

Brand & Identity

Eddie James Ministries is an organization primarily based around music and worship. The ministry consists of a team of young adults touring full time playing praise and worship music at large events and conferences. Eddie James Ministries (or EJM) also includes many sub-groups or individual ministry teams that work in areas such as substance abuse and counseling. The core theme of this organization is the idea of young people using their talent and time to impact the lives of others in a positive way.


Because EJM is based around music & art and has a primary audience of young people, I wanted to capture that artistic element in the logo. Using a typographic, hand-drawn logo, I was able to capture the same youthful, adventurous spirit the team has.

Color Palette & Typography

The color palette consists of two parts. The primary and accent palettes are used together to create bright and exuberant imagery. The typefaces chosen are both sans serif and can be used to create a bold inspiring headline, readable copy, or an eye-catching call to action.

Brand Execution

The new brand and identity for Eddie James Ministries will be used across all a multitude of different media and product. The new logo and imagery will be seen on upcoming event advertisements, apparel, websites, and collateral. The new brand also serves as a base for sub-branding that will follow in the near future.