Daily Audio Bible

Web Design

Through Light Up the Dark, I had the opportunity to work with the Daily Audio Bible, one of the world’s leading bible podcasts and mobile apps. This client needed an interface that emphasized all of the major aspects of his company. The home page needed to introduce the Daily Audio Bible to new users and at the same time be a hub for huge numbers of daily users to quickly view recent events and initiatives.

User Interface

The home page quickly displays the value proposition and showcases the mobile app, recent initiatives, upcoming events, prayers from the forum, and featured product from the store.

User Experience

It’s all about the journey for Daily Audio Bible founder Brian Harden. To reinforce this idea, I designed the website to flow seamlessly and guide the user to the next suggested page. The imagery suggests a personal expedition and the gradient theme supports the idea of a voyage and the changes a person can go through in life. And because of the large community, we created a platform that would be quickly familiar and easy to navigate for new and returning members.