Daily Audio Bible: Ecommerce

Quick Buy Shopping

When approached with the task of re-designing the online store for Daily Audio Bible, the primary focus was to make shopping faster and easier. Members return regularly to purchase coffee, tea, and other product so creating a quick buy shopping system was key for conversion. This option allows the user to click on each product and add to cart without leaving the category page.

Populating Cart & Automated Email

Adding a populating shopping cart and a follow-up email generated more return users. It also created more follow through with purchasing items placed in the cart.

Image-Driven Grid Design

The biggest change for the store was the layout of the category page for the new shopping system. I wanted to develop a way to showcase everything the user would need to see right from the category page, allowing them the ability to click on an item, choose the quantity and size, and add to cart without having to leave the page. A/B testing showed that this made it a lot easier for users to choose multiple flavors of coffee and quickly add them to the cart.