Doug Beyer is a graphic designer, art director, illustrator and web developer based out of the Skyline Chili capitol of the world, Cincinnati. A musician-turned-designer, he draws his inspiration from years spent on the road full-time as a guitar player and his appreciation for the rich culture found throughout the United States. Formally trained in design, Doug’s style is very diverse and he uses this to create memorable experiences that are successful for many different audiences.

Doug’s work can be seen in the 2016 re-branding of the Kansas City Zoo. As the art director for the zoo project, he got to design the new logo and branding guidelines, making his contribution to the brilliant culture of Kansas City. With the website newly launched, his user experience design made it abundantly easier and more intuitive for users to purchase tickets and interact with the zoo on a regular basis. This led to the highest increase in ticket and membership sales the Zoo had seen in years.